Our Morin ancestors


(by Jean-Louis Morin)

We know that many Morin ancestors of different strains settled in New France before the Conquest. Our first genealogist, Claude, had counted 16, not counting a number of Morin women.

As we prepare to finalize a genealogical repository of all Morin families, we noticed that many more Morin arrived in America after 1763, and we must take into account everyone to get the most complete directory possible. We need to take into account all those who borrowed the surname Morin although their ancestor may not be a Morin, and all Morin who became Marin, or White, or other …

Our last point on Morin Ancestors dates back to the spring of 2008, MORINFO number 65. It is now time to refresh our data.

You will notice that in the present nomenclature some Ancestors have disappeared, like Jean-Baptiste Marin: he never existed. This is a transcription error of the late Institut Drouin, in its first version of 1958, of its Dictionnaire national des Canadiens-Français (on page 902) where a marriage is attributed to Jean-Baptiste Josephte Audet MARIN, when it comes to Jean-Baptiste MORIN. And Pierre-Hector gives way to his Ancestor … Pierre 10. As you will see many others have been added.

I also separated the Ancestors, men and women, to air the text a bit.


  • ANDRÉ MORIN, (AN) son of Jacques and Michelle Dion from St-Jacques-de-Bazoges-in-Paillers, district La-Roche-sur-Yon, diocese of Luçon, Poitou (Vendée). First marriage with Marguerite Moreau, daughter of François and Anne Fiot, August 26, 1670, in Quebec City. She is from Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle, city, borough and diocese of Orleans (Loiret). Second marriage with Charlotte Larue, daughter of Georges and Françoise Nicolardeau, November 26, 1696, Charlesbourg.
  • PIERRE MORIN SAYS BOUCHER, (P2) (Pierre 2) of unknown ancestry. According to circumstantial evidence established by Arsene and Jacques-Yvan Morin, it is very likely that he is from Grandville, Normandy (Seine-Maritime). Married to Marie Martin, daughter of Pierre and Catherine Vigneau, about 1661, in Port-Royal, Acadie.
  • CLAUDE MORIN-LANGEVIN, (LAN) of unknown ancestry from Louisbourg, Acadie. Married to Madeleine Lamoureux-Rochefort, daughter of Jean-Baptiste and Madeleine Pichot, in 1718, in Louisbourg, Acadie.
  • CLAUDE-PIERRE MARIN, (CL) of unknown ancestry from St-Saturnin, city of Chartres, Orléanais. Married at a date and place unknown to Marie-Jeanne Milet, of unknown ancestry. She is also from St-Saturnin. His children will take the surname Morin.
  • CHARLES MORIN, (CH) son of Pierre and Catherine Poinelle from St-Pierre-de-la-Forêt-sur-Sèvres, district of Bressuire, diocese of Poitiers, Poitou (Deux-Sèvres). Married to Marie Michel, daughter of Pierre and Catherine Dubocq, November 3, 1667, in Quebec City. She is from St-Vivien, town, district and archdiocese of Rouen, Normandy (Seine-Maritime).
  • PIERRE MORIN (P6) (Pierre 6), son of Jacques and Hilaire Guéry from St-Etienne-de-Brillouet, district of Fontenay-le-Comte, diocese of Luçon, Poitou (Vendée). Married to Catherine Lemesle, daughter of Jean and Marguerite Renard, June 13, 1672, at Quebec. She is from St-Pierre-du-Chatel, town, district and archdiocese of Rouen, Normandy (Seine-Maritime).
  • EUGENE-CHARLES-MAURICE MORIN, (ECM) son of Claude-Michel and Berthe-Augustine Ballu from Paris, France. Married to Juliette Poirier, daughter of Moses and Odile Lamarre, November 14, 1928, Longueuil.
  • PIERRE MORIN (P8) (Pierre 8), son of Pierre and Marguerite Laurent from Plaine-Haute, district and diocese of St-Brieuc, Brittany (Côtes-du-Nord). Married to Marie-Madeleine Lespinay, daughter of Jean and Catherine Granger, February 22, 1694, Beauport. Pierre dies on October 28, 1722, and Marie-Madeleine remarries with Guillaume Duboc on July 30, 1724. Several of his descendants will take the surname Marin, especially in the counties of St-Jean, Bagot, Verchères and St-Hyacinthe.
  • EUGENE-FERDINAND MORIN, (EF) of unknown ancestry. When he arrived in the Iles-de-la-Madeleine, he was widowed by Francoise-Honorine from Honelleberg. It would be La-Haye-du-Puys, Channel, Normandie. Second marriage to Ursule Cormier, daughter of Basile and Marguerite Lapierre, July 2, 1861, in Havre-Aubert, Iles-de-la-Madeleine.
  • PIERRE MORIN (P10) (Pierre 10), of unknown ancestry. Married to Rose Duhamel, daughter of Capt. Julien and d’Angélique Duval, October 22, 1777, somewhere in Ontario. Pierre is a long-distance captain serving Her Majesty on Lake Ontario at the time of his marriage. One of their sons, Capt. Pierre-Hector Morin, probably born in Ontario, will be taken prisoner by English troops at the Battle of St-Denis, in 1837.  Another son Achille, condemned to death for high treason. They both were deported to Australia, from where they will return in 1847. Some of his descendants, in the state of New York, will take the surname White.
  • FRANÇOIS MORAND, (FM) son of Jean and Marie Dsemer from Thionville, Lorraine. Married to Catherine Petitclerc, daughter of Louis and Geneviève Belleau, January 18, 1761, in Notre-Dame de Québec. Some of his descendants, from the fourth generation, will take the surname Morin.
  • PIERRE-LOUIS MORIN (P12) (Pierre 12), son of Pierre-Charles and Jeanne-Julie Métairie from Nonancourt (Eure), France. Married to Isabelle-Helen McDonnell, daughter of Duncan-Cameron-Hugues and Agathe-Henriette Latour, January 23, 1838, at Notre-Dame de Montréal.
  • FRANCOIS MORIN, (FR1) (François I) son of François and Marie Castonguay from St. Francis, Diocese of Vienna. Married to Marie-Madeleine Ledroit-Laperche, daughter of François and Marie Guay, on October 18, 1756, at Notre-Dame de Québec.
  • FRANCOIS MORIN, (FR2) (Francis II) son of Jean and Marie Durand from the diocese of La Rochelle, Aunis (Charente-Maritime). Married to Marie-Charlotte Poulin, daughter of Jean and Marie Gagné, on February 16, 1757, in Rimouski.
  • HENRI MORIN, (HN) son of Pierre and Marguerite de La Coste from St-Sauveur-de-la-Rochelle, Aunis (Charente-Maritime). Married to Marie-Anne Bouchaud, daughter of André and Marie-Anne Cochu, January 8, 1752, in Notre-Dame de Québec.
  • JEAN-BAPTISTE MORIN, (JB) son of Jean-Baptiste and Gillette Privé from Dinan, diocese of St-Malo, Brittany (Côte d’Armor). Married to Marie-Françoise Dupré, daughter of François and Marie Allaire, on February 7, 1757, in Contrecoeur. Many of his descendants will take the surname Marin.
  • JACQUES MORIN (JC1) (Jacques I), son of Michel and Renée Verdy or Veydie from St-Germain-du-Val, borough of La Flèche, diocese of Angers, Anjou (Sarthe). Married to Louise Garnier, daughter of Charles and Jeannne Labraye or Broye, September 19, 1661, in Montreal. She is the widow of Jean Pichard, killed by the Iroquois on August 14, 1661, in Montreal.
  • JACQUES MORIN (JC2) (Jacques II), son of Jean and Olive Rabot from St-Planchers, diocese of Coutances, Normandy (Manche). Married to Marie-Anne Robert, daughter of Jacques and Marie-Anne Laurent, November 4, 1760, St-Philippe de Laprairie.JAMES MORIN, (JM) of unknown ancestry from Ireland. Married to Eleanor Quinlan, of unknown ancestry, October 28, 1827, in St. Patrick, Nelson.
  • LOUIS-CHARLES MORIN, (LC) son of François and Marie-Louise Costillard from St-Julien, Brittany (Côtes-du-Nord), France. Married to Helen Holmes, daughter of Auguste and Marguerite Joseph, January 11, 1910, Paspébiac.
  • LAURENT MORIN, (LT) son of Peter and Ann Brislan from Ireland. Married to Jane Mc Keown, daughter of Patrick and Margaret McIntyre, January 7, 1823, in Montreal. She is also from Ireland.
  • JEAN MORING, (MG) son of Jean and Ann Morhead from Dumfries, Scotland. Married to Marie-Josephte Leroux-Provencal, daughter of Jean and Louise-Charlotte Trullier, June 4, 1764, Sorel.
  • MOISE MORIN CHENEVERT, (MS) son of Aaron and Jeanne Boutin from St-André, city and district of Niort, diocese of Poitiers, Poitou (Vienne). Married to  Madeleine Monin, daughter of Gilles and Marthe Richaume, on November 26, 1707, at Notre-Dame de Québec.
  • NOËL MORIN, (NL) son of Claude and Jeanne Moreau from St-Etienne-de-Brie-Comte-Robert, district of Melun, Brie (Seine-et-Marne). Married to Hélène Desportes, daughter of Pierre and Françoise Langlois, January 9, 1640, in Quebec City. She is the widow of Guillaume Hébert, died September 23, 1639.
  • ROBERT MORIN, (RB) of unknown ancestry and place of origin. Married to Françoise Mignier, daughter of André and Jaquette Michel, around 1690, in Quebec City.
  • JEAN MAURIÉ-MORIER-MOURIER, (MAU) son of Jean and Anne Caron from Chenommet, diocese of Angouleme, Angoumois, Charente. Die in August 1705, in St-Jean, Ile-d’Orléans. Married to Marie Mineau, daughter of Jean and Jeanne Caillé, on October 29, 1678, in Ste-Famille, Ile-d’Orléans. She remarried in 1706 with Jean RabouinSome of his descendants take the surname Morin.
  • FRANÇOIS-PIER MORIN-PANTOUX-VALCOURT  (MPV) Son of Noël and Anne Carpignet from St-Aignan, diocese of Bayeux, Normandy, France. Married to Charlotte Vigneau, daughter of Antoine and Madeleine Pichet, August 1st, 1736, at Our Lady of Quebec (Pinguet contract July 31, 1736).
  • FRANÇOIS MAURIN, (MRC) son of Philippe and Marguerite Monnier from St-Pierre-de-Jarnac, Champagne, Diocese of Saintes, Saintonge. His descendants take the surname Morin. Married to Marie-Anne Daigneau-Dagneau-Douville of Quindre, daughter of Louis-Césaire and Marie-Anne Picoté-de Belestre, December 21, 1758, Montreal (contract Panet December 19, 1758 under the name Douville-de-Quindre). His descendants take the surname Morin.
  • ANTOINE PICOTIN, (PIC) of unknown ancestry. Married to Suzanne Bastien of unknown ancestry wed at an unknown place and date. In the second generation, they will be called Moulin-Picotin. From the third generation, some of his descendants will take the surname Morin.
  • AUGUSTIN MORIN-MORON, (SP) son of Paul and Marie Delara, native of Spain. Married to Marie Héber, daughter of Paul and Marie Mélançon, on September 28, 1767, in Pointe-Coupée, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • CHARLES-CÉSAR FRANCOIS MARIN-DE LAMARQUE, (MARC) son of Jacques and Hélène Saurel-Gorel, of Notre-Dame de St-Relique, diocese of Toulon, Provence (Var). First marriage to Madeleine Niquet, daughter of Pierre and Françoise Lemoine, on July 5, 1691, in St-François-du-Lac. Second marriage to Louise Lamy, daughter of Isaac and Madeleine de Chevrainville, on July 6, 1703, in St-Pierre de Sorel. Some of his descendants will take the surname Morin.
  • EUGÈNE MORIN, (COG) of unknown ancestry. Cook from France, married to Martha Coghill on August 4, 1849, in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • FRANÇOIS MORON-MORIN, (RON) son of François and Marie-Bonaventure Duflau. Would be from Spain. Married to Elisabeth-Madeleine Lamarre, daughter of François and Marie-Louise Mausien, April 8, 1766, at Pointe-Coupée, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • JACQUES MORAND, (JMN) son of Antoine and Marie Isabeau, of St-Martin d’Angoulême, Angoumois. Married to Jacquette Audet on November 7, 1684 in Notre-Dame de Québec. Ancestor of “Le Curé Labelle”. Some of his descendants, from the third generation, will take the surname Morin.
  • JEAN-BAPTISTE PITALIER-LAMARINE, (PIT) known as MARIN, son of Charles and Madeleine Benard, of Orléans, Orléanais. First married to Josephte Chaperon, daughter of Jacques and Cécile Carrière, on February 10, 1727, at St-Enfant-Jésus, Pointe-aux-Trembles. Second wedding to Charlotte Caty, daughter of Paul and Geneviève Badeau, May 7, 1731, at the same place. Some of his descendants will take the surname Morin.
  • JOHN MORRIN, (DAV) son of John and Phoebe Davit, County of Mayo, Ireland. Married to Catherine Giroux, daughter of Joseph and Geneviève Bourgoin-Bourguignon, April 30, 1849, in Berthierville, Berthier.
  • JOSEPH MARIN-SANSCHAGRIN, (MAJ) son of Louis and Thérèse Méric-Mérigue, of Toulon, Provence, France. Married to Marguerite Vildé, daughter of Pierre and Marie-Anne Proteau, April 13, 1722, in Notre-Dame de Québec. From the third generation, some of his descendants will take the surname Morin.
  • JOSEPH MORRIN, (MORR) of Dumfries, Scotland. Doctor. Founder of Morrin College. Married to Catherine Evans on January 18, 1817, in Quebec City.
  • LOUIS MOREL, (MEL) of unknown ancestry from France. His descendants will take the surname Maurais, then Morais, and finally, from the sixth generation, the surname Morin. Married to Thérèse-Catherine Bois, daughter of Jacques and Anne Soucy, place and date unknown.
  • MARIN FOREST-LAVERDURE, (FOLA) son of Marin and Marguerite Dreux, of St-Pierre, Orleans, Orléanais, France. First marriage to Marie-Anne Caty, daughter of Paul and Geneviève Badeau, February 11, 1726 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. Second marriage to Marie-Anne Riquier, daughter of François and Anne Renaud, on November 17, 1738, in Terrebonne. His descendants will take the name Forest-Marin, then Forest, then Marin, then Morin from the fifth generation.
  • NICOLAS PERROT, (PER) son of François and Marie Siveau, of the Dravées, commune of Darcey, diocese of Autun, Burgundy, France. Direct ancestor of Chevalier de Lorimier and Cardinal Rodrigue Villeneuve. Married to Madeleine Raclos, daughter of Godebon and Madeleine Viennot on November 11, 1671, in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Champlain. Some of his descendants in Manitoba will take the name Perreault dit Morin, then Morin.
  • PIERRE ALBERT, (ALB) son of René and Marie Clérenceau-Devanceau, of Poitou, Vendée, France. Married to Louise-Thérèse Grondin on November 24, 1702, at Rivière-Ouelle, Kamouraska. In the sixth generation, one of his descendants, Félix, will marry Dorymène Morin. Starting in the seventh generation, their children will choose the Morin surname.
  • CLAUDE MARIN, (MAC) son of Louis and Jeanne Marin. Native of Lyon, Lyonnais. Married to Josephte Chevrier, daughter of François and Marie-Anne Gibeau, on February 21, 1757, in Verchères.
  • JACQUES LEMARIÉ, (LEM) of unknown origin. Farmer of the Redoute of M. de la Durantaye. Married to Marie Morin, of France, of unknown ancestry. They are the ancestors of “Le Curé Labelle” and Sir Evariste Leblanc. At the tenth generation, one of their descendants, Lucien, under the name of Lucien Morin, married Pearl Viau on July 14, 1940, in Valleyfield.
  • ANTOINE MORAN-LA GRANDEUR, (MML) son of Antoine and Hélène Lacroix. Native of Aurillac, Auvergne. Married to Madeleine Poutret, daughter of André and Jeanne Burel on May 28, 1687 in Sorel. From the fifth generation, some of their descendants are found under the surname Morin.
  • PIERRE MORAND-DOUVILLE, (GRI) son of Jacques and Marie Jorché from St-Jean-de-Thiolières, diocese of Clermont, Auvergne, France. Married to Madeleine Grimard, daughter of Jean and Christine Reynier, on November 23, 1627, in Quebec City (Adhémar Contract). From the sixth generation, some descendants will take the name Morin-Grimard.
  • JEAN MOREAU-DUPLESSIS, (DUP) son of Jean and Suzanne Pied from St-Saturnin, diocese of St-Maixent, archidiocese of Poitiers, Poitou, France.  Married to Agnes Richard, daughter of Guillaume and Agnès Tessier, December 1st, 1703 in Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal. In the sixth generation, a daughter, Philomène, will marry under the surname Morin.
  • NICOLAS HAMANN, (HAM) Parents of unkmow ancestry from Dattenhofen, Germany. He is a soldier under Colonel Leatz’s Company. Married to Isabelle Fontaine, daughter of Jean-Baptiste and Françoise Fortier, on May 6, 1788 at the Holy Trinity Church in Quebec City. In the fourth generation, Narcisse, son of Jean Aumane and Félonise Aubry, will marry Marie Mousseau, under the surname Morin, September 28, 1896 in Bonfield, Ontario.
  • GUILLAUME MORIN, (GUI), son of André and Anne Sabotier. According to the registry of Ste-Brigide of Montreal, he is from France, without further details. Married to Josephine Therrrien, daughter of Denis and Josephine Rivet, on June 27, 1888, at Ste-Brigide in Montreal.
  • FRANCIS-ALEXANDRE DEVALCOURT, (DEV) son of Jean-Baptiste-Bernard and Catherine-Marguerite Frankfurt, of Paris, Ile-de-France. Married to Marguerite Gould, July 18, 1794 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
  • RICHARD MORNING, DIT MORAND, (MNG) son of Thomas Morning and Margaret Brodrick. According to the marriage certificate, he is from Ireland. Married to Jeanne Molloy, daughter of Luc and Mary Keave, on September 15, 1798 in Carleton, Bonaventure County. Some of his descendants are under the surnames Moran and Morin.
  • MATHIEU MOREIN, (MAT) son of Pierre and Anne Grenouilleau. Born in 1776, in Castillon, Libourne, (Gironde), France. Married to Aimée-Julie Chaix-Chais, daughter of Pierre and Elisabeth Vedy, June 3, 1806, in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe. Died at Pointe-à-Pitre on December 12, 1828. His descendants settled in Louisisane.
  • JOHN-MARY MORIN, (HIC) son of Martin-Joseph and Rose Joyce from Mayo, Ireland. John-Mary was born on April 18, 1868, in Philadelphia. Married to Eleanor Hickey, Pittsburgh, 1897. Republican Representative to the US Congress, elected in 1912. Died March 3, 1942.



  • PÉLAGIE MORIN-MARIN, (SIB) of unknown ancestry. She would be from St-Malo, Ille-et-Vilaine, France. Married to Jean Sibolot-Sibillotte dit Lalune, of unknown ancestry, before 1747, in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • MARIE MORIN, (BOIS) daughter of Pierre and Isabelle Pellerin from Challans, district Les-Sables-d’Olonne, diocese of Luçon, Poitou (Vendée). Married to Noël Boissel, son of Jacques and Marie Héripel, on July 23, 1669, in Notre-Dame de Québec. He was born in Quebec City in May 1641.
  • CLAIRE MORIN, (BOUR) daughter of Pierre and Roberte Léger from Notre-Dame, city and district of Mortagne, diocese of Chartres, Perche (Orne). First marriage to Jamin Bourguignon-Lepatron, of unknown ancestry, on November 30, 1636, in Notre-Dame de Québec. He died on February 23, 1660. Second marriage to Jean Martineau-Lapile, son of Jean and Colette Savarte, on July 26, 1662, at Notre-Dame de Québec. He is from St-Aubin-de-Courpignac, district of Jonzac, diocese of Saintes, Saintonge (Charente-Maritime).
  • MARIE MORIN, (DAUP) daughter of François and Charlotte Roulant from St-Jean-en-Grève, city and archdiocese of Paris. When she arrived in New France, she was widowed by Paul Oudan. Second marriage to Etienne Dauphin, son of Etienne and Julienne Richard, on November 15, 1665, at Notre-Dame de Québec. He is from Bonnes, town and district of Chatellerault, diocese of Poitiers, Poitou (Vienne). He died on August 31, 1693, at the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec. Third marriage to Pierre Chaignon, son of Michel and Madeleine Boursier, on August 10, 1694, at Beauport. His precise birthplace is unknown, but he is from the diocese of Poitiers, Poitou (Vienne).
  • MARIE MORIN, (GIGN) daughter of Etienne and Marguerite des Mazeaux from Amblin, diocese of Langres, Champagne (Haute-Marne). Married to Laurent Gignard, of unknown ancestry, September 11, 1673, Notre-Dame of Quebec. He’s from La Rochelle. When he arrives in New France, widower of Elisabeth Sorin or Soret.
  • FRANÇOISE MORIN, (PELL) daughter of Jean and Jeanne Desnouets, or Denoise, or Noise from St-Jean-du-Perrot, borough town and diocese of La Rochelle, Aunis (Charente-Maritime). First marriage to Antoine Pelletier, son of Eloi and Françoise Matte, August 19, 1647, in Quebec City. He is from St-Pierre-de-Brésolette, canton of Tourouvre, district of Mortagne, diocese of Chartres, Perche (Orne). Antoine died by drowning on October 2, 1647. Second marriage to Etienne Demers or Dumets or Dumay, January 28, 1648, Notre-Dame of Quebec. He is from St-Jacques, city and district of Dieppe, archdiocese of Rouen, Normandy (Seine-Maritime).
  • OLIVE MORIN, (PIN) of unknown ancestry. She is from Thury-Harcourt (Calvados). Married to Marin Pin or Pain, of unknown ancestry, August 2, 1643 fromThury-Harcourt, district of Caen, diocese of Bayeux, Normandy (Calvados). They immigrate to New France with their children.
  • GERMAINE MORIN, (GER) daughter of Emile and Aurélie-Julie Plessis, of France. Maried to Joseph Miller-Tefner, son of Louis and Hélène Tardif, October 25, 1927, in St-Cœur-de-Marie, Quebec.
  • ELISE MORIN, (MOT) daughter of Auguste-Félix and Victoire-Célanire Motte, of Paris, France. Married to Pierre Laplatte, son of Pierre and Clothilde Bernachon, of Paris, France, July 30, 1888 at Notre-Dame de Montréal.
  • WINEFRIDE MORIN, (PLU) daughter of James and Bridget Lenahan, of Roscommon, Ireland. Married to James Plunkett, son of Patrick and Mary Ryan, of County Meath, Ireland, August 13, 1855, at Notre-Dame de Montréal.
  • CHARLOTTE MORIN, (LET), of unknown ancestry. “Fille du Roy”, she was born approximately in 1646 (In the 1681 Census she was 35). Buried in Sorel on March 1st, 1714. Married Pierre Letendre said Laliberté, of unknown ancestry, about 1668, in Autray or Sorel

Other could be added to the course of our research … It is to follow …


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